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Slow Internet Connection in NZ

Have you found that at times, your high-speed internet connectivity becomes unusually slow? Aren't you getting the speeds you pay for? Do you have occasional internet connection problems?

We understand how frustrating slow internet browsing can be, especially when you have time critical work to complete. There are several factors contributing to slow internet speed and connectivity issues. You can easily eliminate the majority of such problems with some maintenance task. However, there are some others, which are hard to determine and beyond your control. Perhaps, the network router and switchare not coping with the network load or, your broadband plan is not suitable to your needs or, your ISP isn't delivering the promised speed. Or, you might have a spyware problem. Whatever your internet issues are, we can find out their root cause and resolve them in a hassle-free way. With us, you don't have to deal with them alone.

If you're experiencing slow internet connection speeds in NZ, we can help. At Computer Troubleshooter, we will apply the appropriate troubleshooting steps and recommend you a cost-effective solution to improve your internet speed. We can also help you with:
  • ISP selection and network set-up.
  • Privacy and security configuration for safe browsing experience.
  • Wireless and cable internet troubleshooting.
  • General internet help.
  • And more.
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